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DAY 4 Buenos Aires Program - Thursday October 17

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Day 4 Argentina - Thursday, October 17

First Day of International Conferences

08:30 Reception and Accreditation - Exhibition

09:00 Opening Ceremony Lecture Series and International Presentations

Auditorium Educational Center of the Joint Armed Forces - Av. Luis Maria Campos 480 -        Commune 14 - CABA 

Welcome Words President AdbA Art Deco - Academic Committee

09:25 Home Conferences and Presentations

09:30 Conference 1 Art Deco of Chile Arq. Eugenio Ferrer Rojas - Auspicia Universidad Central

10:00 Lecture 1 Arq. Weir Scott: "Jacques Carlu's lost design" - Toronto Canada

10:45 Coffee Break

11:05 Restart of Conferences and Presentations

11:10 Conference 2 Ricardo G Rivadeneira Velazquez Colombia

11:45 Conference 3 Ambassador of S.M King of Belgium Peter Maddens

12:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Lunch in the Gray Room Ground Floor Educational Center -Included

14:30 Restart International Conferences and Presentations - Auditorium Hall Joint Armed Forces Educational Center

14:15 Conference 4 Eduardo Lazzari- Salamone

15:00 Conference 5 Dr. Oscar Demasi - Julio Cacciatore - Pablo Willemsen - Footprints of Salamone

16:00 Ideas Summit - New Applications International, National and Provincial Offices.

17:00 Closing of the first day of conferences.

17:30 Departure by bus the  Decorative Art Museum

18:00 at 19:00 Visit at Decorative Art Museum - Lic. Hugo Pontoriero

19:30 at 21:30 Dinner in Croque Madame Resto.