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Chile Program 10 -11 October 2019

*Does not include flight and does not include hotel.

Suggested Hotel: Luciano K

Contact: Carolina Polanco - Commercial Executive


*Receptive Service: consult

Chile Santiago Program

Presentation AdbA First Tour Art Deco Corridor West - Trinational Corridor - Southern Heritage

10 - 12 October 2019

Day 1 Chile - Thursday, October 10

14:00 Meeting point at Central University, Toesca 1783, Santiago Metropolitan Region Chile

Verification of  credentials for the international Delegation.

Verification of credentials for local Assistants.

Presentación de Proyectos de Desarrollo Regional -Corredor Art Deco Internacional

15:00 Tour 1  Walk through Santiago Centro

• Turri Building by Arch. Guillermo Schneider Vergara.

• Community Building,Vicuña Mackena 58 

• The Society of Writers of Chile Building (Almirante Simpson 7) with Art Deco elements by the architect Julio Machicao.

• Santa Lucia Building - El Buque - Architect Sergio Larraín Gracia Moreno and Jorge Arteaga.

• Merced 84 - La Gargole - Arch. L. Kulczewski.

• Residential Building in Alameda 295 by Arch. Ricardo Larraín Bravo

Comments: It is a tour from 1 to 1:30 hours.

Visita Embassy Argentina in Chile - Invited diplomatic and AdbA members, Mayor, Authorities Universities and student volunteers, Friendly Associations, Organizing members of the AdbA International Committee - ACAPA 2019.

Day 2 Chile - Friday, October 11

8:30 Meeting point Hall Hotel Luciano K, Merced 84, Santiago Metropolitan Region Chile.

09:00 Tour 2 Walk through Santiago Centro

• Caja Seguro Obrero Building Arq. R. González Cortes, today it is called the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

• Electoral Court of Arch. R González Cortes.

• Tour Calle 21 de Mayo.

• Art Deco Teatinos 720 and Teatinos 340 Buildings.

• Ricardo Liarían Bravo Residences Building at 689 Puente Street.

• Art Deco Building of Banco Estado Huérfanos 1220 - Arch. Ricardo González Cortés.

12:00 to 13:30 Time available for Lunch at the Central Market

13:45  Tour 3 Meeting point at Central Market - Travel by Bus 

• University Pool Arq. L. Kulczewski.

• Basilica of Lourdes Arch. Andrés Garafulic Yancovic and E. Costazabal Zegers.

• National Soccer Stadium of Ñuñoa.

• Building on Av. Italia corner Bilbao

• House in José Manuel Infante 2880

• House in José Manuel Infante 2939

• Return by Bus to the Hotel

• Ex Theater - Picaresque current discoteque theater, Recoleta 345.

• Republic Passage with General García, Art Deco District.

19:00 Return to the meeting point

20:30 Terrace Cocktail at Hotel Luciano K, Merced 84, Santiago Metropolitan Region Chile, included.

End of our tour in Santiago de Chile