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Chile Program 10-12 October 2019

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*Does not include flight and does not include hotel.

Suggested Hotel: Luciano K

Contact: Carolina Polanco - Commercial Executive


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Chile Program - ART DECO WEEK
AdbA Presenting the First Art Deco West Corridor Tour Santiago de Chile - Trinational Corridor - South Heritage.
10 - 12 October 2019

Day 1* Thursday October 10th:
1. Arrival of the international delegation to Chile Airport:
2. Hotel reception (See suggested hotels)
15:00 Meeting point at Universidad Central headquarters
Electronic credential verification for the International Delegation.
Electronic credential verification for local participants.
Tour number 1: walking by Santiago
•Turri buildings: Arch. Guillermo Schneider Vergara.
•Vicuña Mackenna 58 building community.
•Chile´s Writers Society building (Almirante Simpson 7) with Art Deco elements of Architect Julio Machicao.
•Santa Lucia building – ¨El Buque¨ Arch. Sergio Larraín Gracia Moreno y Jorge Arteaga.
•Merced 84 – La Gárgola Arch. L Kulczewski.
•Residencial building of Alameda 295 of Ricardo Larraín Bravo
Comments: 1 to 1:30 hour tour.
19:00 Press conference at Hotel Luciano K
19:30 Cocktail at Argentina´s Embassy in Chile - Invited Members: diplomats, AdbA, Universities Authorities and voluntario students, Associations, Mayors, Members of AdbA - ACAPA International Committee 2019.

Day 2* Friday October 11
07:00 – 08:15 Hotel breakfast
8:30 Walking tour by Santiago, meeting point at Hotel Luciano K.
Tour number 2
•Caja Seguro Obrero building, nowadays known by the name of Justice and Human Rights Ministry, by Arch. R. González Cortes
•Elecciones Court by Arch. R. González Cortes.
•21st May Street tour.
•Art Deco buildings Teatinos 720 y Teatinos 340.
•Ricardo Larraín Bravo residencial building Puente 689 street.
•State Bank Art Deco Building Huérfanos 1220 – Arch Ricardo González Cortés.
Coments: 1 to 2 hour tour
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch at Central Market. Bus departure
Tour Number 3: By Bus
•Chile´s University pool Arch. L Kulczewski.
•Lourdes Basílica Arch. Andrés Garafulic Yancovic and E. Costazabal Zegers
•Futbol National Stadium of Ñuñoa.
•Av Italia, Bilbao corner building
•José Manuel Infante 2880 house
•José Manuel Infante 2939 house
•Bus return to hotel
•Recoleta theatre, Ex-Picaresque actual discoteque, at Recoleta 345.
•Republic passage with General García, Art Deco neighborhood.
19:00 Hotel Arrival
20:30 Cocktail Hotel Luciano K

Day 3* Saturday October 12
Hotel Breakfast